▼ Table of Heart Symbol Emojis with their Codes

Serial No Symbol Symbol Name Operation
1 Classic Heart Emoji
2 White Heart Emoji
3 Rotated Heart Emoji
4 Heart Sketch Emoji
5 💕 Hearts Together Emoji
6 💞 Circle of Hearts Emoji
7 💝 Heart Gift Emoji
8 💘 Cupid's Heart Emoji
9 💖 Sparkling Heart Emoji
10 💓 Beating Heart Emoji
11 💗 Growing Heart Emoji
12 Floral Heart Emoji
13 Rotated Floral Heart Emoji
14 💟 Heart Patch Emoji
15 💌 Love Letter Emoji
16 Heart Exclamation Point Emoji
17 💔 Heartbreak Emoji
18 💙 Blue Heart Emoji
19 💚 Green Heart Emoji
20 💛 Yellow Heart Emoji
21 💜 Purple Heart Emoji
22 😍 Love is in the eyes Emoji
23 😘 Kiss Face Emoji
24 😗 Another Kiss Face Emoji
25 😙 Smiling and Kissing Emoji
26 😚 Kiss you with my eyes closed Emoji
27 😻 Love Cat Emoji
28 😽 Kissing Cat Emoji
29 💏 Kissing Couple Emoji
30 💑 Loving Couple Emoji
31 👫 Holding Hands (Man & Women) Emoji
32 👬 Holding Hands (Man & Man) Emoji
33 👭 Holding Hands (Women & Women) Emoji
34 👄 Kissing Lips Emoji
35 💋 Kiss Stain Emoji
36 💐 Bouquet of Flowers Emoji
37 🌹 Rose Emoji
38 🌷 Tulip Emoji
39 🌸 Cherry Blossom Emoji
40 🌺 Hibiscus Emoji
41 🌼 Blooming Flower Emoji
42 🎁 Present Emoji
43 🏩 Love Hotel Emoji
44 👰 Bride Emoji
45 💍 Ring Emoji
46 💎 Gem Emoji
47 💒 Wedding Emoji



Heart Symbols - Express your feelings

Do you want to see all kinds of heart symbols? Then its time you stick to this post and explore all the collections of different heart making symbols with access along with comprehensive review.

Heart Symbols Overview

For many of you who don’t know that relationships are mostly run on mutual understanding and trust. It is an essential part of our daily life routines that we should need to take it seriously. According to research, it seems that men and women are the ones to makes their relationship very vulnerable and always ensures that when they get into a new one, they ask serious questions to because it is necessary what to expect from him. There is no denying that two people can’t work together unless if they agree. It is a fact that many modern day relationships don’t run longer and both boys and girls can’t come to an agreement and left it and moved on to the new journey of life.

Many girls are always on the hunt to find those things they have familiar with their partner. It can lead to many likes and dislikes by asking questions. One of the most vital stuff people usually see in their relationship is how they connect with each other on an intellectual level. This is where heart symbol plays a vital point.

If relationships are too serious, they can’t work, because you need to make a right balance in the couple to enjoy the emotions they share with each other. If you are in a situation where your boyfriend is experiencing the relationship, then it is time to add some seriousness and have Deep, exciting conversations to determine the faith of your long-running relationship.

For this particular reason we have below listed some real facts about heart symbols to help you understand what exactly it is, how you can use it in different situations, is it really a perfect sign to express your feelings, on which platforms you can use it, and why you should learn these methods in the first place all will be uncovered here.

How to Make Heart Symbols?

For many of you who don’t know that heart symbol is one of the most famous characters in the WWW (world wide web) and almost used on every day basis by millions times. It is also considered simple sign to express your friendship, love and solidarity. Using this symbol of love you can certainly express different multitudes of emotion with just one simple character. For example, many people are shy and can’t show their side of love by telling them from face to face here is why you need to learn heart symbol in word because the power of it quite impressive if you give it a try.

How you can make a heart symbols using keyboard?

Where there was a time when mostly there was no internet or social media platforms to show your feelings towards someone no matter how deep your relation is and no matter how long you are living, everyone got their different relationships, from mom, dad, son, daughter, wife, girl friends and many more. Most of you probably don’t know how to make a perfect heart symbol whenever you are chatting with different variations.

But now your entire struggle ends here because as the modern world is progressing and opening new doors of possibilities where everything is accessible, so why not making heart symbol keyboard allows you to express everything what you need to say. Let’s check out some of the incredible heart symbols you can make using fastest and easiest way of copying these icons.

Some keyboards Buttons To make Heart Symbols

  • U + 1F49a 💚
  • U + 1F49b 💛
  • U + 1F49c 💜
  • U + 1F49d 💝
  • U + 1F49e 💞
  • U + 1F49f 💟
  • U + 1F493 💓
  • U + 1F494 💔
  • U + 1F495 💕
  • U + 1F496 💖
  • U + 1F497 💗
  • U + 1F498 💘
  • U + 1F499 💙

Using Alt Code Buttons with Numbers

  • [Alt] + [04326] ღ
  • [Alt] + [3] ❤
  • [Alt] + [02451] ও
  • [Alt] + [9825] ♡
  • [Alt] + [10084]
  • [Alt] + [10085] ❥
  • [Alt] + [10083] ❣
  • [Alt] + [010 086] ❦
  • [Alt] + [010 087] ❧

Special note: you can’t simply press the numbers on the numeric keypad of the keyboard or copy them instead you have to write them down to yourself. However pressing Alt key can give you additional help and combination you want either you are using it on laptop or a desktop computer.

What does the common heart means?

You may have learn about the heart text art but some of you still lack the information about what does it actually means when you are sending this sign to someone else. As this sign is popped up everywhere and it is important to understand the symbolic meaning of it according to the society, culture, and beauty because each time it holds a unique meaning in the eyes of the beholder. Whenever the signs come up they have a sense of meaning as you apply them to various life situations there is a hidden message and it is always a profound and personal one.

Here is some heart shape origin with a symbolic meaning:

• Unity • Love • Sensuality • Cohesion • Sacred • Affection • Attraction • Reflection • Femininity

On which social media platforms you can use heart symbols with principles?

There are many social media platforms are available that mostly billions of people are using and each one of them offers their own creativity and style of chatting to others were using black heart symbol has become a common thing. But as they are progressing there are new ways you can now use this symbol to your own personal settings. Let’ checkout some of them down below for your convenience.

Heart Symbol in Facebook

Face book has a very easy to insert heart in chat and in history, there are two ways you can represent the heart sign, it can be in shape of small red heart or in pink heart. All you need is to simply go into the box and use two special characters using < and 3 together <3 and it will automatically converts the combination and with a pink heart.

There is another way you can use It where you have to go to the chat box and open characters which are attached and from there you can choose white heart EMOJI and simply click on it at the bottom using right click.With this you won’t have to bypass the auto conversation to use comma, or colon in the letters.

Heart Symbol in Skype

Skype has several functions and options which are similar to face book, it is a true messenger service that uses the key combination such as, L for love and Skype immediately converts it into the heart symbol. Also you can find unique alternatives with different emoticons on the left side of the chat box down below. It will show the classic black heart with unchanged shape. You don’t need to put too many efforts just copy paste it and enjoy expressing your love or feelings.

Heart Symbol in Twitter

Using twitter, there is one way to insert the heart symbol. Already mentioned that FB will provide you special characters with sign of <3 but entering it with twitter will give you a black heart symbol and cannot covert it back. The process may be the same but the outcome is different and excellent with attractive and amazing heart characters.

• Is it possible to use heart symbols in WHATSAPP and SMS?

One of the most intriguing things about using smart phones is that, there are countless of time that you may encounter using the symbols of heart when it is needed via SMS or WHATSAPP. However both are usually different which is explained here,

A) Smartphone’s

Generally, the heart shape origin has been used many times in SMS, which has a unique meaning and today this one is mainly used to bring the attention to express your gratitude. Additionally, it is not available in characters independently, but you have to compose it with 3 button key. As the world has changing more and more people are getting aware of this to use by combining and sending messages throughout the conversations.


When later WHATSAPP came out, it gives the whole symbol a new meaning with integrated and used more frequently because it is capable of handling special symbols. We all know that WHATSAPP is an application that holds countless symbols to send and one of them is heart sign and also one of the popular one with different colors. Many of the users use this to send thank you and simply express the joy of feeling with the original meaning. Most of the user’s also different smart phones like androids and I-phones where they want to know how to make this heart on I-phone where it can help you even better, just by scrolling down with different heart selection and chose with oversized with text shape in normal while chatting to your partner. This sounds a lot easy and fast way to use heart simple with copy and paste style.

How to tell heart is a symbol of love?

Sometimes when you want someone special to be around you, it takes a lot of efforts to make a successful relationship. By you can’t just force each other different to appearance insane and have battles. But, it's far likewise fundamental that lovers ask Personal Questions to ask your boyfriend something that also finished and disguise your insights from you. Who doesn't recognize the significance of getting a real lover especially when it comes to boyfriends till the point that she goes to your assist you, Facebook Hearts brings up the difficulty of the quantity you understand someone special. You in any part try and end up more losing him.

No one cares about the girls especially for the boys because they are so much deeply involved in their relationships that they always forgive their mistakes, and be the first one to make it corrects. But by asking questions one thing you will get it clear you want to find the everyday things you and your partner have. How you both connect and work to make your relationship satisfied in every way possible.

If you're feelings are getting in your way then keep them aside just for once the reason that they assume why it is so critical, at that point don't forget this once they helped you in the sort of massive number of problems, when you reply late they still believed you in the course of the evening or avoid her entirely they had been the ones who never found out and keep it mum only because to save their relationship.

• How to use heart symbols on windows, Mac, and Linux?

There are some users who prefer to use computer and other similar devices and for that you can put your heart is less effort. If you are using a PC then simply go to the All programs with accessories system too, and click on the character map button. You will find heart symbols there with unique fonts.

• You can simply copy and paste with keyboard shortcuts with CTRL + V in any desired document like excel, word, or PowerPoint.

• Mac also gives you the ability to insert heart symbol, which works on Linux operating system as well. The idea is quite same all you need is to simply se special characters and you will find heart EMOJIS and click them to install the characters on table and here you go use it anywhere you want.

Final verdict:

Heart symbols with Unicode or simply copy paste potentially serves as a sign of love. Either they are colored or simple black and white contains hidden messages that only true lovers or friends can understand. By learning and using these symbols with codes you can express your feelings just the way you want it.