How to propose to a girl to go out with you to college

Nobody said it was easy to get a girl out with you, let alone college, where girls are known to be unpredictable and hard to understand. This is not impossible! If you make a plan of attack, keep calm and convince her, she will become your girlfriend in no time. If you want to know how to invite a girl to go out with you to college, follow the next steps. Before proposing you need to calculate your love with your partner. To do this you need to use Love calculator For this purpose.

Start by being his friend. If you want to propose to go out with you, it will first have to get to know her. You do not have to be your best friend and it’s better to avoid entering the Friendship Zone, but it is recommended to get to know her a little in order to be in her field of vision. and that she considers you a nice boy. If she does not even know that you exist or that the only information she has about you comes from gossip and guesswork, she probably will not go out with you.

Be friendly. Greet her and call her by her first name to show her that you are thinking of her.

Make an effort when you are in a group. Ask him how his day went or give him a little compliment.

Be attentive. Make a sign when she walks past you in the hallways or sits behind you in class.

Keep in mind that you do not need to rush her to get her attention. Besides, she will notice you even more if you play the hard-to-reach boy.

Flirt a little with her. If you want to go out with her, you will have to create an alchemy between you. You have to flirt with her a bit to see if you can joke together and make a connection. You can compliment her outfit, flirt her a bit (if she is not too shy) or just joke with her to show him that you like him.

When you are in a group, be attentive, but do not monopolize it. Rather than accustoming her to come to her, make her want to flirt with you.

See if you like him. Although there is no way of knowing if she really appreciates you before she offers to go out with you, there are signs that will show you that she has spotted you. Knowing that she feels something for you will increase your self-confidence when you ask her to go out with you. Here are some signs that will show you that she really appreciates you.

She ignores you completely or, on the contrary, gives you her full attention when you are in a group.

She smiles or blushes when your eyes meet.

  • His friends whisper or giggle when you go to their side.
  • You simply feel an alchemy when you talk together.
  • A third person carries you on the fact that you appreciate yourself.
  • She seems to be looking for excuses to talk to you.
  • Pay attention to the number of times she touches you and sees if she finds absurd excuses. If she touches you once or twice that does not mean she appreciates you.

Choose the right time and the right place to make your request. To ask him to go out with you, you do not need to choose the best time and the best place, but seizing a good opportunity can increase your chances. If she actually wants to go out with you, she’ll say yes, even in less advantageous circumstances, but you can increase your chances by choosing a private place so she does not feel uncomfortable and choosing a time when she is in a good mood and cannot be distracted or stressed.

You do not have to wait a long time for the perfect opportunity to appear on its own. Girls in college are unpredictable, so if you feel a good opportunity, grab it instead of waiting for the perfect time.

Think of something you can do together. When you propose to go out with you, you will most certainly need an idea of what you could do together! This may seem obvious to you, but you may be so worried about his response or the way you make your request, that you did not wonder what would happen after this famous proposal. While some boys in the school suggest that girls go out with them just to be a boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s more fun to think about what you can do together. So when she tells you yes, you can answer “super! Would you like to … “instead of” super! Uh … uh … see you later. Here are some ideas for activities to offer.

  • Go to the college ball that will take place soon
  • Go see a movie that has just come out
  • Go to a concert
  • Go to the mall together
  • Bring her home after classes
  • Go to a birthday together

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