how to propose a boy for love on outing

Consider the worst. Before asking a boy to go out with you, ask yourself the following question: “What am I risking? The answer would be if he tells you no politely if he is a good person. Keep this in mind and then get ready to make your proposal. So, you will not be surprised if you are denied. First Calculate your Love with Love Calculator App.

Find the right place and the right time to apply. Strive to choose a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Your meeting may take place in a corridor, at the cool water fountain, on a sports field after the exercises or in a place that you go together. Choose an isolated place and a moment during which your boy is relaxed. Here are some things you can consider when choosing the right time and place.

Have a little privacy. You do not have to meet him in a deserted place, but you will probably be more comfortable if your interview takes place in an unfrequented place. Some people will have trouble being frank, if their friends are nearby and if they are stressed. Therefore, a little privacy will help you to get an accurate answer.

Do not try to jump on the first opportunity to approach it. If you are together in a group, say in a low voice, “Can I talk to you one-on-one for a second? Then train him in a corner apart.

Behave in an appropriate way. You will not move forward if you have an awful attitude, such as waiting for him every morning in front of his personal locker, calling him continuously on the phone or asking other people to inquire about him. It’s harassment more than anything else.

Give your love a little space. Do not pursue it in real life or on the internet. A discreet attention is quite acceptable, but it must not be transformed into an unhealthy obsession.

Choose a suitable time and place. Probably, your exit proposal after a rehearsal will be perfect. But, a text sent at 1:30 am would be completely out of place.

Determine the program of your meeting. If this is your first date, you will be much more confident inviting him to participate in a specific activity. Thus, you will not have to look for something to do during your meeting. You will also avoid being embarrassed when he asks you what you will do together. An answer like, “Uh … I do not know” will not be encouraging. Here are some ideas that might help you.

Do not think too much about bad ideas like “he’ll laugh at me”, “he’ll reject me”, “he’ll consider me a mere friend, no more”, etc. Remember, all boys react in much the same way when they approach a girl. Moreover, it is mainly for this reason that many of them never reach the stage of a friendly relationship. You will know the truth only by talking to your friend. So, take your courage with both hands and make your request. It’s not difficult! Probably, you will be pleasantly surprised by his reaction, because boys are easier to approach than girls.

Organize a classic meeting. If you know the boy well enough and if you want to be alone with him, invite him to spend a normal evening. Offer him dinner at the restaurant or at home. You can buy food from a caterer or prepare a dinner together. Enhance the evening by watching a movie, going to the concert or doing a joint activity.

Choose a program that will appeal to your friend. If you like cycling, attending jazz concerts or eating sushi, just think about it when planning your program. Thus, he will be more comfortable and more inclined to accept.

Have an emergency exit. Instead of the worst, you will have to consider the most favorable case, that is to say, a resounding yes! However, it is also possible that your new friend says no. Chances are minimal, but they exist. Maybe he likes someone else or he was surprised by your proposal because he thinks your relationship is just friendly. In any case, you will have a clear answer to your question. But, if you want to turn the situation in your favor and keep your cool, you should find an alternative plan in case the events do not go as planned.

Find a reason to leave first. You can invoke some of them, such as the obligation to prepare your exams, join your classroom or an upcoming appointment. The essential thing is to think about it in advance.

Prepare a question that you will ask him in case the timing is wrong to make your proposal. If your friend is not well disposed of, the question will hide your real motives and prevent him from thinking that your attitude is weird. Talk to him about the next math assignment or the date of the local team’s football game.

Other ways to invite a boy to an outing

Use the tip of the “ticket plus”. Buy two tickets to see a movie, a concert, a comedy or any other performance that will please your friend. Then, during the conversation, talk about the event by the way. Then, add in a detached tone: “sorry my friend, I completely forgot …” If the boy does not bite the bait and does not ask to accompany you, you can invite him outright: “would like you to come with me? I want to see this movie and I think it will be very fun. Be natural, as if the idea has just crossed your mind.

It’s a very relaxed way to get a boy out with you.

However, be careful. If you are not explicit enough, the boy might think that your proposal is simply a friendly gesture without more.

Invite him to go out in a group. This is another devious way to spark sparks. If you go out together with other couples or even a group of friends, it will look more like an outing than a meeting between lovers. Just tell your friend that you will go to the cinema, bowling or restaurant with friends and offer to accompany you.

A group outing will allow you to let him know that you like his company, but without the pressure that will not fail to result from a face-to-face meeting.

If this is going well, you can expect to go further in the future.

Express your intentions clearly. A group output can be very similar to an output between couples. Your friend may be unaware that this is an intimate gathering, which can lead to funny situations.

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