How To Have A Successful Relationship?

Your relationship has been going on for quite a while. You love yourself and you think that’s the man of your life. And of course, you do not want to lose it. But between the ups and downs of everyday life, you wonder if your relationship is on the right path and your union is as healthy as it is happy. Rouge Framboise has already revealed the secrets of a happier and more lasting love relationship. Today, she gives you the 5 golden rules for a healthier relationship. A well-packed program that will surely help you to find happiness for two and keep it.

As Dalida said “Words, Words, Words” … And yet, it is only true! A love story based solely on physical attraction will not last long. But when love is real, complicity and tenderness are created naturally. A healthy relationship involves compromise, collaboration, and negotiation. A love story is the sharing of joys, sorrows, worries, and certainties.

You know what you have to do: Communicate, dialogue to reach a common agreement, understand the other and clearly express your expectations.

By entrusting each other to you, you will ultimately know yourself perfectly, you will influence each other and ultimately you will be more and more like you.

Express your desires

It is not because you are in love that you must accept everything from him. If he asks you for a service from time to time, there is nothing to alarm you. But if you see that it begins to exploit you and make use of you, REACTION! You must affirm your feelings and your true aspirations. So things have to be clear from the beginning. Sincerity and frankness are the keys to a healthy relationship.

Fleeing jealousy

It often begins with small suspicions: he did not call you back last night, he received a text message from an unknown girl, he is less tender and less tactile with you … You have noticed one of these facts and Doubt has immediately arisen in your mind. You do not trust him 100%, you start to have suspicions and to doubt him. Take care that your jealousy does not go to your head. If you let it gain ground, you risk losing your man because guys do not like being choked. Calm down and think for a moment: are your doubts based on real facts or your own imagination?

Do not lock yourself

When you love someone, you only have eyes for him and your objectivity is felt. Your friends, on the other hand, experience the situation from the outside. They play the role of landmark and can put you back on the right path if necessary.

Another crucial point to be tackled: the break! If you decide to cut bridges with your friends, who will comfort you, who will be there for you, to whom will you turn if you, unfortunately, find your status as a bachelor?

You must at all costs keep in touch with friends and family. And your Jules has the right to do the same. Your couple must not be created at the expense of your individual freedom.


When you are in love, you naturally want to spend as much time as possible with your man. This is why it is always interesting to share passions or activities. Learn to venture to two. Try new things: a thematic outing, an unexpected trip, a hike … So you can see yourself while meeting other people.


So you will become more accomplices, more intimate, closer and you will consolidate the basics of your relationship.


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